Maroon Ohanian, President

Maroon has been leading A&A since 2008. Maroon joined A&A, initially, as a business consultant singularly focused on company growth. Through his successful initiatives to improve operational efficiency and his commitment to A&A’s employees and customers, he has been able to grow into roles as the General Manager, Executive Vice President and, now, CEO.

Tom Anhalt, EVP of Sales

Tom leads the Sales team and has been with A&A for more than 25 years. Tom joined A&A as a fleet mechanic after spending time as a crane operator and has grown organically through his hard work, nose-to-the-grindstone mentality and commitment to customer satisfaction. Tom has deep experience in the rigging and crane industry and is highly regarded in the industry for his expertise.

Ryan Lavin, EVP of Business Development

Ryan has been with A&A since 2008 and is the VP of Business Development. He started his career at A&A in field operations. This experience and the partnerships he’s built with his customers has given him a solid understanding of the industry. Throughout his time at A&A he’s been heavily involved in operations and managing projects that improve customer experience. He continues to focus on developing and growing relationships with new prospects and existing customers.

Dewey Snavely, VP of Field Operations

Dewey joined the A&A team with more than 20 years of specialized crane and rigging experience, including lift design and management. Dewey’s initial crane and rigging training began with techniques employed with urban/collapse structure search and rescue, and Air Assault training from the US Army Technical Rescue Engineer Company at Fort Belvoir VA. From there his skills were enhanced by years of development and implementation of large scale modular delivery techniques.